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Polling and Surveys

Polling and Surveys

quantitative research with an alaskan twist

Hays Research Group is a leader in collecting survey data all over the state of Alaska. Our clients turn to us to conduct surveys of all types in every corner of the state. Specializing in statewide surveys as well as surveys within smaller communities and populations, our experience combined with our research methodologies have been adapted to work in Alaska’s unique environment, lead to the most relevant and meaningful data for our client’s critical research needs.

  • Flexible methodologies: HRG has capabilities to conduct many different types of surveys to fit the needs of your project including traditional telephone surveys, online surveys, in person intercept surveys, or mail surveys.

  • Unparalleled sampling: HRG maintains an impressive database of Alaskan households with extensive demographic data, which allows us to strategically target respondents to meet your project's specific needs or demographic quotas.

  • Professional call center: All of our telephone surveys are conducted in a fully staffed CATI call center where we can quickly and effectively conduct your survey according to your specifications.

  • Quality reporting: Data is analyzed by our professional research staff and presented to our clients in a relevant and accurate report which is crucial to get to your project's next steps.

We specialize in the following types of surveys:

  • Telephone Surveys

  • Community Surveys

  • Shareholder Surveys

  • Employee Surveys

  • Political Polling

  • Healthcare Surveys

  • Web Surveys

  • Questionnaire Development

  • Programming

  • Telephone (CATI) Data Collection

  • Online Data Collection

  • Point-of-Purchase Data Collection

  • Mobile Data Collection

  • Mixed Mode Surveys

  • Intercept Staffing & Management

  • Coding/AI Coding

  • Speech & Text Analytics

  • Data Entry

  • Data Tabulation

  • Report Generation and Analysis

  • Statistical Analysis